Documents & Reports

Second Reference Group Meeting at Hotel Royale, Kampala-Uganda

The specific objectives of the second reference group meeting were to;
1). Share progress of ongoing projects across the four universities
2). Discuss modalities for mutual learning across participating universities
3). Propose and agree on any other set of activities and support that the four universities envisage as a
group that requires negotiation and carrying forward.
4). Explore more opportunities for collaboration and interaction among the four universities for the
successor project

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Meeting In Nairobi

Stakeholder Meeting – Next Generation of African Academics
Crown Plaza Hotel, Nairobi – November 15-17, 2011
The meeting was opened by Dr. Vertan Gregorian, President of Carnegie Corporation. The president gave a background of the Carnegie support to African Universities. The support to higher Education in Africa started way back in 2000. The corporation decided to invest in Africa to keep democracy and excellence. This journey has led to USD $ 415 invested in African education.
Carnegie Corporation of New York are partners and not a donor agency, and the the project is for Africans. ‘As a foundation if we fail, that is okay as long as we learn from that failure. In sciences, failure is a learning process while in social sciences it is not so’, reiterated the president.

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